Undergrad students

Undergrad students (estudiantes de Grado y Máster) are welcome to join us and develop their TFG/TFMs in our lab. At GreenLSI you can acquire the technical skills needed for your future job, and also learn what research is and how it works.

Learning opportunities

Ph.D. students

Research at the GreenLSI group takes place in collaboration with several universities around the world. Here you'll be able to develop high-quality and high-visibility research, visit top institutions, and also collaborate with industry in innovative research projects.

Research at GreenLSI


Innovation is the key for competitiveness. At GreenLSI we are aware of the need for continuous innovation in today's enterprises. Our group develops projects in collaboration with industry partners, who can benefit from our expertise in the are of modeling and optimization.

Our offer to companies


Research is based on collaboration among institutions. At GreenLSI we believe in the strength of collaboration. We currently collaborate with several European, US and other international research institutions, and we are always open to new collaboration opportunities.

Collaboration opportunities

Take a look at our demo setups

The best way to understand what we do at GreenLSI, is to take a look at our energy efficiency demo setups. Here you can find a link that shows exactly how we work and what we do in our experimental setups at Teleco UPM, Informática UCM, and at the CeSViMa supercomputing center

What we do: Life in the lab


In the GreenLSI group we always try to develop top-quality research in the area of energy efficiency in data centers, information systems, and security. Our research is in collaboration with international institutions and very close to the industry. We believe in the importance of mobility, and both our PhD students and post-doc researchers are encouraged to visit foreign institutions to boost their research.


An important part of our work is teaching. Teaching duties include the courses taught by the professors in the group, and the teaching assistant duties of Ph.D. students. But not only this: a very important part in the teaching process is coaching. At GreenLSI we offer coaching to all our students (undegrad and graduate): we aid them in the process of learning new skills, finding jobs and opportunities for their personal and professional development.

Industrial projects

Our research is always as close to the industry as possible. At our group, we develop bleeding edge research projects, in collaboration with our industry partners. Our group focuses on our areas of expertise: the development of models and optimization strategies. Our work enhances the competitiveness of our industry partners, providing them with innovative solutions that are not yet on the market.

Latest News

Talk: New Frontiers in Cloud Computing for Big Data and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya Director, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab, The University of Melbourne, Australia CEO, Manjrasoft Pvt Ltd,… Read More

BSc Thesis presentation. Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing in the SmartGrid

Our Bachelor student Ignacio Penas has just presented his BSc Thesis titled  Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing and Resource Demand in the… Read More

Master Thesis presentation. GPU Performance and Consumption Characterization for Graph Processing.

Our Master student Jhorman Jhair Gutiérrez Valderrama has just presented his Master Thesis titled GPU Performance and Consumption Analysis and… Read More


After all, the main activity in our group is research. And research, means publications (conferences, journals, techreports, etc.). It's the way to let the community know about our work. In GreenLSI we always try to publish at top-notch conferences and journals.

Industrial Research Projects

PICA: Plataforma Inteligente para el Cuidado de las Abejas
HIDRA: Holistic Intrusion Detection and Response Agent
GREENTOOLS: Tools for energy characterization and optimization of data centers
DCOp++: Next-generation datacenter operation tools
DCIM 3.0: Predictive operation of data centers
GREENSTACK: Energy optimization of OpenStack-based cloud data center infrastructures
LPCLOUD: Optimum management of low-power modes for cloud computing
CALEO: Thermal-aware workload distribution to optimize the energy consumption of data centres

News about the Data Center world

Check out the latest news from the Data Center world in our webpage

Our partners

Team Members

José M. Moya

Associate Professor in the Electronic Engineering Department, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is also Secretary and leader of the research area on energy efficiency in ICT of the Center for Computational Simulations (CCS).

Pedro Malagón

Assistant Professor in the Electronic Engineering Department of the Technical University of Madrid.

Patricia Arroba

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant in the Electronic Engineering Department, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche

PhD Candidate in the Electronic Engineering Department of the Technical University of Madrid.

Alberto Corredera

PhD Student in the Electronic Engineering Department of the Technical University of Madrid.