Open-ness continues to move from servers to network

By: Doug Mohney LinkedIn is getting its share of data center buzz from the financial community this week in going towards more open hardware. Microsoft may or may not reap the benefits from LinkedIn’s work—for reasons to be discussed shortly—but the trend away from vendor-centric hardware into open solutions will […]

Facebook Joins the Big League of Internet Spenders

(Bloomberg Gadfly) — Facebook Inc. has spent less than five years as a public company, yet its market value is already in the global big leagues. It’s now also entering the big leagues of spending, a position that bears watching. The three highest-spending operators of web and cloud computing services — Google […]

54-Terabit Submarine Cable Linking Asian Nations Goes Live

There would be a ribbon-cutting ceremony, except you’d need scuba divers:  One of the world’s most ambitious optical network connection projects is now officially complete, and beginning the process of opening itself up for business.  Japan’s NTT Communications, representing a partnership of major telcos in nine Asian countries, announced this […]

Mellanox Open-Sources Its Network Processor Platform

In a move designed to seed a new ecosystem around its line of NPS line of network processor units (NPU), including its 400 Gbps NPS-400 model, Mellanox Technologies on Wednesday announced its launch of an open source initiative, and the release of an SDK, called OpenNPU.  After wallowing in the […]