Science could make fire suppression safe

Data centers have had a problem with fire suppression systems. While trying to remove the threat of fire damage, they have actually introduced dangers of their own. These systems operate by flooding the data center with inert gas, preventing fire from taking hold. However, to do this, they have to […]

Deconstructing VDI – The Trend Toward Shrinking Stack

Karen Gondoly is CEO of Leostream Corporation. You may not know this about me, but I used to be a pastry chef. Bear with me, I swear this becomes relevant. Years ago, after studying rocket science at MIT but before my rise to CEO at Leostream, I toiled away in […]

Data Center REITs Q3 Update – Is the Sky Really Falling?

Data center REITs continue to report solid earnings and robust leasing activity. So, why has Mr. Market sold-off the entire sector during the past few weeks? What has changed between all-time highs in July, and the most recent quarter ended Sept 30, 2016? The short answer is that REIT share […]