Wind Power Provider for Microsoft DC: Cost Savings Will Come

The man who directs resource planning for Black Hills Corp., the owner of two wind farms in Wyoming and the winner of a huge contract to provide power for Microsoft’s Cheyenne data center, told Data Center Knowledge that there will be cost savings for Microsoft in adopting renewable power. . […]

Coming Soon: A Data Center Near You

Loudon Blair is Senior Technology Director of Network Architecture for Ciena. Historically, data centers were highly centralized facilities that were located close to sources of low cost power, which predominately meant a finite number of geographies in rural areas. In these early days, network connectivity was focused on inter-networking between customers […]

IBM Unveils AI Toolkit for ‘Minsky,’ Its Nvidia GPU Hard-wired Server

While IBM moves forward with efforts to render its high-speed OpenCAPI data bus an international standard, making way for new players and new designs for FPGA accelerators to enter the space, on Monday the company also placed a substantial bet on the class of accelerator made famous by the PCI […]