Stand by for more fiber

The Submarine Cable Map provided by TeleGeography is one of the most interesting charts around. It shows the continued spread of international fiber – effectively the nerve system for the world’s data centers. The presence and quality of fiber available can create new tech clusters. It’s connectivity on land that […]

Three Trends Driving Digital Business Innovation

Tom Fountain is Chief Technology Officer for Pneuron. The conventional paradigm for value creation is being abandoned, and IT organizations are struggling in the face of three major challenges. We need to look at how to extract value from an ever-growing mass of data spread across disparate sources. We must […]

F5 Leverages Equinix to Extend Deployment, Security to Microservices

In a move intended to ease mid-level businesses’ transition to modern microservices in colocated environments, application delivery provider F5 Networks announced today the addition of application-centric and even container-centric deployment and access control services to its portfolio.  In doing so, the firm is taking advantage of its existing partnership with […]

Chicago Gets Hotter in the Fall: Ascent Adds Power to CH2

In the latest signal that Chicago may as well be the data center capital of middle America, Ascent LLC declared Tuesday it has completed a project to deliver an additional 2.5 MW of critical power capacity for a single tenant in its CH2 facility. CH2 is located at 505 North […]