GPU Acceleration Makes Kinetica’s Brute Force Database a Brute

The big data solution known as Hadoop resolved two huge, critical problems facing data centers at the turn of the last decade:  First, it extended virtual data volumes beyond the bounds of single storage volumes, in a method that was easily managed — or at least, easily enough.  Second, it […]

Five Reasons to Adopt Hybrid Cloud Storage for your Data Center

Jon Toor is CMO for Cloudian. Are you weighing the benefits of cloud storage versus on-premises storage? If so, the right answer might be to use both–and not just in parallel, but in an integrated way. Hybrid cloud is a storage environment that uses a mix of on-premises and public cloud services with […]

Nvidia Makes Its Mark in Top 500 Supercomputers List for Power Efficiency

The resurgence of the most storied name in high performance computing is now complete.  Cray supercomputers have captured 12 of the top 25 spots in the University of Mannheim’s venerable Top 500 Supercomputers list, the latest edition of which was released Wednesday. A top-of-the-line Cray XC50 chassis with 206,720 total […]