US Intelligence Got the Wrong Cyber Bear

(Bloomberg View) — The “Russian hacking” story in the U.S. has gone too far. That it’s not based on any solid public evidence, and that reports of it are often so overblown as to miss the mark, is only a problem to those who worry about disinformation campaigns, propaganda and journalistic […]

Looking back at 2016 in Green Data Centers

It’s time to examine what’s been happening this year in the field of green data centers. It’s been eventful, as usual. Here are some themes that I see. 1.  Power usage is not out of control For me, the biggest news of the year was the analysis from the Lawrence […]

What 2016’s Top Data Center Stories Say About the Industry

After we ran the list of the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this year, we couldn’t help pondering the reasons those stories resonated with so many people. The most obvious reason that applies to all of them is that they illustrate some of the biggest changes […]

San Francisco Software Startup AppDynamics Files for US IPO

(Bloomberg) — AppDynamics Inc., which develops software for businesses to monitor applications, filed for an initial public offering. The San Francisco-based company filed with an initial offering amount of $100 million, a placeholder used to calculate fees that will probably change. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & […]

Are Oregon’s Data Center Tax Breaks Worth It? State Doesn’t Know

Oregon may be giving up too much money in data center tax breaks to attract big projects by companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon relative to the number of permanent jobs those projects create, according to a recent audit by the state of its economic development arm called Business […]

GI Partners Buys Seattle’s KOMO Plaza, Including Data Center Hub

An entity associated with GI Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm that has backed some of the most well-known data center companies, has acquired the two-building complex next to Seattle’s Space Needle called KOMO Plaza (formerly Fisher Plaza). The complex, which houses numerous TV and radio stations and retail […]

Have You Been a Naughty or Nice Data Center Manager?

Jeff Klaus is the GM, Data Center Solutions at Intel Corporation, and Kim Polvsen is VP & GM, Digital Services & Data Center Software at Schneider Electric. Brooklyn-born songwriter J. Fred Coots was riding the New York City subway in the spring of 1934 and thinking about writing a children’s song when he ran into […]

Brexit Hits Home as U.K. Government Grapples With Microsoft Hike

(Bloomberg) — Brexit’s cost is hitting close to home for those drawing up the divorce papers as Theresa May’s Cabinet Office has been forced into negotiating with Microsoft Corp. to minimize the impact of a January price hike that could cost the government hundreds of thousands of pounds. In October, Microsoft […]

DCIM Will Get Hot, Pigs Will Fly, and Other Predictions for 2017

Chris Crosby is Founder and CEO of Compass Data Centers.  It’s rumored that the great prognosticator, Nostradamus, once said, “Predicting the rise of Hitler and 9/11 is easy. Figuring out what the wife wants for Christmas, now that’s hard. Woe be to the man who doesn’t save his receipts.” Now […]

Here are the Top Data Center Stories of 2016

Here are the 10 most widely read and shared stories we covered on Data Center Knowledge this year: Netflix Shuts Down Final Bits of Own Data Center Infrastructure It’s done and dusted. Since someday in January month, (almost) everything Netflix does runs on Amazon Web Services, from streaming video to […]