Drones-a double edged sword for data

The most interesting data center I’ve heard of this week has been dedicated to drones. Looking into the story, it’s clear that drone technology will have an impact on data centers – and on the rest of our lives. My first association with drones is a remote-controlled toy: a helicopter […]

Hack of Saudi Arabia Exposes Middle East Cybersecurity Flaws

BLOOMBERG — More than a year after a drowned Syrian toddler washed up on a beach in Turkey, the tiny refugee’s body, captured in a photograph that shocked the world, reappeared on computer screens across Saudi Arabia — this time as a prelude to a cyberattack. The strike last month disabled thousands […]

Microsoft Starts New Venture Fund With Investment in Bengio’s Element AI

BLOOMBERG  — Microsoft Corp.’s venture arm started an artificial intelligence-focused fund, kicking it off with an investment in a startup by a luminary in the field. Element AI, a Montreal-based research lab started by Yoshua Bengio and others, will get an undisclosed amount from Microsoft Ventures, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said in a […]

Deploying Your Cloud: Three Real-World Applications and Use-Cases

Brought to You by The WHIR Let’s talk about cloud. Not that we don’t normally talk cloud, but let’s actually focus on a few specific use-cases. Before we dive in, it’s very important to see that very soon cloud will simply become a normal part of your data center and business […]