CyrusOne Shares Just Spiked On Good News – Here’s Why

It would not have been newsworthy during the first half of this year for Carrollton, Texas-based data center REIT CyrusOne (CONE) to post a 3.6 percent share price gain in a single trading session. It simply would have been chalked up as business as usual. On Tuesday, it was a […]

Docker to Donate Another Core Component to a Foundation

In an announcement Wednesday morning, Docker Inc. — the company behind one of the most rapidly adopted software infrastructure components in history — said it will let go of a critical software component, called containerd (pronounced “container-dee”), donating it to an open source foundation yet to be determined. “Containerd is […]

Kubernetes 1.5 Could Bring Pre-configured, Containerized Data to Bare Metal

The real meaning of containerization in the data center — the trend that caught fire three years ago with the arrival of Docker — is the ability to deploy parts of workloads across a variety of servers, and scale those deployments up or down as necessary.  This is different from […]