How crazy can we get in computing?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) does a lot of crazy things in its labs, including basic research. Some of which may hold the key to faster and better computing that shows up in data centers in the future. How crazy? Current thinking is Moore’s Law is dead. Silicon-based technologies […]

MSPs Must Prepare in Case AWS Managed Services Targets SMBs

Brought to you by MSPmentor The entry of Amazon into managed services is a logical business development that could evolve into a play for managing the IT infrastructure of not just large enterprises, but organizations of all sizes. Those were among the thoughts of Charles Weaver, CEO of MSPAlliance, a […]

Azure Stack Hopes to Succeed Where Private Clouds Fail

Brought to You by Talkin’ Cloud Last month, Microsoft partner HPE told attendees of its HPE Discover conference in London that Azure Stack – Microsoft’s data center operating platform – would be available within the next six months. This week in an interview with Network World, Microsoft Azure corporate vice […]

Six Pitfalls of Cloud Assessments

Raju Chekuri is President and CEO at NetEnrich. Any sound IT project begins with an assessment of current state, goals and requirements. Moving to the cloud is no exception; in fact, cloud computing is less a project than a transformation of running IT. This makes doing a proper and well-planned […]