Brexit Hits Home as U.K. Government Grapples With Microsoft Hike

(Bloomberg) — Brexit’s cost is hitting close to home for those drawing up the divorce papers as Theresa May’s Cabinet Office has been forced into negotiating with Microsoft Corp. to minimize the impact of a January price hike that could cost the government hundreds of thousands of pounds. In October, Microsoft […]

DCIM Will Get Hot, Pigs Will Fly, and Other Predictions for 2017

Chris Crosby is Founder and CEO of Compass Data Centers.  It’s rumored that the great prognosticator, Nostradamus, once said, “Predicting the rise of Hitler and 9/11 is easy. Figuring out what the wife wants for Christmas, now that’s hard. Woe be to the man who doesn’t save his receipts.” Now […]

Here are the Top Data Center Stories of 2016

Here are the 10 most widely read and shared stories we covered on Data Center Knowledge this year: Netflix Shuts Down Final Bits of Own Data Center Infrastructure It’s done and dusted. Since someday in January month, (almost) everything Netflix does runs on Amazon Web Services, from streaming video to […]