Looking Forward 2017 in Green Data Centers

Last time I looked back at 2016, but those thoughts begged the question: what will happen next? 2016 showed that polls and predictions are risky, but here are my thoughts on the near future for green data centers. Cloud continues what virtualization started As I said last time, the biggest […]

If Vegas can do it, why can't your data center?

Nevada isn’t exactly a renewable-friendly state, but that hasn’t stopped the city government of Las Vegas from boasting that it is now getting 100 percent of its power from renewable sources. If a land-locked desert town in the middle of nowhere with a less-than-enthusiastic utility can manage it, why aren’t […]

Friday Funny: Christmas in the Data Center

 — This is the kind of thing you can do once you’ve moved some workloads to the cloud! Here’s the cartoon for this month’s Data Center Knowledge caption contest. And here’s how it works: Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, creates a cartoon, and we challenge […]

Billionaire Reubens Sell Data Center Stake to Chinese Investors

(Bloomberg) — British billionaire brothers David and Simon Reuben sold a 49 percent stake in data center operator Global Switch Holdings Ltd to Chinese investors, despite security concerns surrounding the deal. A consortium of private sector Chinese investors assembled by Daily-Tech founder Li Qiang and led by Jiangsu Sha Steel Group, […]

Watts to Bits: Your Daily Data Center News Briefing

Here is a collection of links to recent news you need to know about as a data center professional. Curated by DCK staff: Court Says EU Governments Can’t Force Internet Firms to Store User Data Europe’s highest court has ruled that laws requiring internet companies to indiscriminately store every user’s […]

Self-Serve Cloud Tools for Beginners Hit the Market

Brought to you by MSPmentor A pair of newly released products aim to allow users with no technical knowledge to quickly spin up virtual servers and leverage public cloud services with the simplicity of using a smartphone. Amazon Web Services’ “Lightsail,” and “Cloud With Me,” a tool developed by a […]

Senior Oracle Staffer Resigns After Co-CEO Catz Joins Trump

Brought to You by Talkin’ Cloud A senior staffer at Oracle who joined the company in 1993 has tendered his resignation after the news last week that Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz would be a part of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team. In a resignation letter posted on LinkedIn, George A. Polisner said that […]

Nvidia Surges in 2016 Using Graphics Chips to Challenge Intel

(Bloomberg) — When Paulina Sliwinska, a fund manager at Edinburgh-based Baillie Gifford & Co., made the trip to Silicon Valley looking for the next big thing in technology, she found it — not in a hot startup run by a 23-year-old whiz kid just out of Stanford, but in a 23-year-old semiconductor maker […]

How crazy can we get in computing?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) does a lot of crazy things in its labs, including basic research. Some of which may hold the key to faster and better computing that shows up in data centers in the future. How crazy? Current thinking is Moore’s Law is dead. Silicon-based technologies […]

MSPs Must Prepare in Case AWS Managed Services Targets SMBs

Brought to you by MSPmentor The entry of Amazon into managed services is a logical business development that could evolve into a play for managing the IT infrastructure of not just large enterprises, but organizations of all sizes. Those were among the thoughts of Charles Weaver, CEO of MSPAlliance, a […]