Predict 2017 by looking at 2016 tech building blocks

As the New Year opens, data center operators should rejoice in the opportunities ahead. Cloud services and APIs are enabling everyone to take building blocks of services and use them to build apps and businesses in a rapid and scalable fashion. The next three to five years should see a […]

Managed AWS Cloud ‘Fastest Growing Business Rackspace Has Ever Had’, President Says

Brought to You by Talkin’ Cloud Even in 2008, when the recently appointed Rackspace president Jeff Cotten was just starting his career at the company, Amazon Web Services was a leader in the public cloud. It would take years before Rackspace would turn its business model on its head and launch […]

IBM’s Leading Data Center Storage Line Gets All-Flash Upgrade

Like the latter stages of a nicotine patch program, IBM has been steadily weaning data center storage off of rotating, ceramic hard drives and onto all-solid-state memory.  The next step in that program begins this morning, with IBM’s announcement of new models in its DS8880 data storage system series whose […]

Panzura Raises $32M to Make Cloud Storage Feel Like On-Prem NAS

Panzura, a nine-year-old Silicon Valley company whose technology makes it easier for companies to combine storage in their own data centers with enterprise cloud storage services by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, has closed a $32 million funding round led by private-equity investor Matrix Partners. Cambpell-based Panzura’s current […]