BSc Thesis presentation. Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing in the SmartGrid

Our Bachelor student Ignacio Penas has just presented his BSc Thesis titled  Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing and Resource Demand in the SmartGrid. The presentation took place in the School of Telecommunications Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

This work aims to analyze the impact of new hourly pricing techniques on data center energy costs by adapting the power consumption of the data center. To cover this objective, we deploy workload allocation policies in the data center that consider the electricity price, reducing costs whenever possible.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 14.56.04

To undertake this research, first the national pricing market in Spain was analyzed, and compared to the US pricing (in both the East and the West cost). Then, the demand was analyzed, taking the traces from a real HPC data center. Finally, spatio-temporal workload allocation techniques were developed, reaching significant energy savings.

Congratulations, Nacho!