How to Calculate Current on a 3-phase, 208V Rack PDU

In recent years, extending 3-phase power distribution all the way to server cabinets and racks has become extremely popular in new data center builds—for many good reasons. Principally, for cabinet power capacities above 5kVA, utilizing 3-phase rack power strips ca significantly reduce the copper required to supply such dense loads.

But unfortunately, many users (rightly) find it cumbersome to provision and calculate current (amperage) for 3-phase power in the rack—for example, a typical question would be:

If I plug in a 250W power supply (about 1.2 amps) on this receptacle right here, how will that affect the current that flows through each of the three phases of this rack power strip? Which one will be closest to tripping a circuit breaker?

At Raritran have created a tool to help answer how to distribute power in a “line-to-line” power grid.

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Author: Henry Hsu