PhD Forum DATE 2016

Recently, our colleague Patricia Arroba presented our latest research on energy efficiency in Cloud computing in the PhD Forum held at the international conference DATE’2016 in Dresden, Germany.

Computational demand in data centers is increasing due to growing popularity of Cloud applications. Nowadays, the data center industry consumes about 2% of the worldwide
energy production. The proliferation of urban data centers is responsible for the increasing power demand of up to 70% in metropolitan areas. Power density is becoming too high
for the power grid and, in two or three years, we will face outages in about 95% of urban data centers incurring in annual costs of more than US$2 million per infrastructure.

The heat and the carbon footprint generated by cooling systems in data centers are growing dramatically and they are expected to overtake airline industry emissions by 2020. The key contribution of this PhD work “Proactive Power and Thermal Aware Optimizations for Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing” is to address the energy challenge in Cloud data centers from a thermal and power-aware perspective using proactive strategies. Our work proposes the design and implementation of models and global optimizations that jointly consider energy consumption of both computing and cooling resources while maintaining QoS.

The PhD Forum is part of the DATE Conference and hosted by the European Design Automation Association (EDAA), the ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA), and the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA). The forum is a great opportunity for PhD students to present their work to a broad audience in the system design and design automation community from both industry and academia. The forum may also help students to establish contacts for entering the job market. In addition, representatives from industry and academia get a glance of state-of-the-art in system design and design automation.

The international conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe and its exhibition are the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors, as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. It puts strong emphasis on both ICs/SoCs, reconfigurable hardware and embedded systems, including embedded software. The 20th edition was held in Dresden, Germany on 14-18 March 2016 and has been a good opportunity to present, interact and learn about the latest research in this field.