Energy efficiency in data centers

Energy efficiency in Data Centers (DCs) is nowadays a major challenge because of its economic and environmental impact.
The numbers regarding DC power consumption are outstanding:

  • They are responsible for about 1.3% of worldwide energy production
  • In USA alone, they consume more than 80 mill MWh/year, which means the consumption of 1,5 x NY City
  • 1 data center consumes as much as 25 000 households
  • They release more than 43 Million Tons of CO2 to the atmosphere per year (2% worldwide)
  • DCs consume more water than many industries (paper, automotive, petrol, wood, or plastic)

The power density of these infrastructures is becoming too high for power grid and, in 2-3 years, up to 95% of urban DCs would have outages. The annual cost of a DC due to outages is about $2M, so it is a problem that is having repercussions today but in a near future it will be critical.


Moreover, the march towards the Internet of Everything (e-health, smart-cities, cars, offices) will report a huge increase of computational needs, boosting DCs demand and aggravating the unsustainability issue.


The GreenLSI team propose different energy optimizations, reactive and proactive, that consist of the following strategies among others:

  • Resource management in HPC
  • Resource management in Cloud
  • Management of the active server set and DVFS
  • Thermal management of Computing and Cooling infrastructures
  • Resource allocation in OpenStack
  • Compiler transformations