Application-aware and resource-aware holistic method and tools to decrease energy consumption in data centers beyond the state of the art

We provide methods and tools to reduce the total energy consumption pretty much below the available technologies in the state of the art.  Unlike previous approaches, we use knowledge about the cooling and computing resources, as well as the applications, and the previous execution history to deliver non-intrusive proactive strategies for minimizing the energy requirements and, at the same time, to increase the reliability of the resources by avoiding thermal hotspots or thermal stress.

The green data center market is rapidly growing. By 2010 data centers consumed 1.3% of worldwide electricity use and produced 2% of total CO2 emissions. Power density frequently exceeds 60 kW/m2. Many data centers already have a lack of power and cooling capacity to meet the needs of such high-density equipment. Our flexible architecture will ensure continuous adaptation to present and future requirements, coordinating actions at different abstraction levels and multiple scopes to decrease the total energy consumption beyond the state of the art.

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