GreenLSI helps MásMóvil to save energy

The researchers in GreenLSI, led by José M. Moya, are modelling the energy consumption and temperature evolution of multiple servers from MásMóvil when executing typical cloud applications. As each server behaves differently, and modeling its behavior requires multiple intrusive experiments, the availability of a large amount of servers is a great improvement. This research will provide mechanisms to anticipate the power consumption of servers, and strategies to reduce the global energy consumption of a data center.

MásMóvil is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which has grown dramatically in the last few years. It is spreading its business to become a mobile network operator (MNO), with its own infrastructure and network. Moreover, it offers the MasCloud service, which competes in Spain with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. It is looking for synergies with top research centers and universities, including our research group.

The GreenStack research project, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under grant RTC-2014-2717-3, is being developed by a successful consortium consisting of StackOps (MásMovil Group), Aquads Technologies, and the GreenLSI Team, that is part of the Center for Computational Simulations, and the Electronic Engineering Dept. of the Technical University of Madrid.

The objective of the GreenStack project is the energy optimisation of OpenStack-based IaaS infrastructures using predictive models to support better decisions in the data center.

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