Josué Pagán

Research Assistant
+34 91 549 5700, ext 4215
School of Telecommunication Engineering (UPM) Room B-038
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josueJosué is a Ph.D. student in Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and works as a research assistant in the Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering in the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). His work focuses on develop robust methodologies for information acquisition in biophysical and critical scenarios. He has worked in developing models for prompt prediction and classification of neurological diseases, but these models must be robust enough to be also applied in prediction of thermal problems in data centers.

On fall 2015 he did a 16-week research stay at the Pattern Recognition Lab. at Friedrich Alexander University in Germany under the supervision of Prof. Bjöern Eskofier.

He achieved  his MsC at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in september 2013 with Honor Mention. In october 2012 he was granted a scholarship to develop his Master Thesis in the Electronic Engineering Department by the Spanish Ministry of Education.  His work focused on the development of a Wireless Sensor Network deployed in an enterprise data center that gather environmental data and provide information about its current state, so that energy consumption can be optimized.

He also achieved a Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering by the Universidad Pública de Navarra in 2010. His BS thesis was about aircraft noise detection in airport infrastructures.

E-mail: josueportiz [at]