Marina Zapater

Visiting Professor
+34 91 394 7541
Facultad de Informática UCM. Room 347
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I am currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Architecture and Automation at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). On the academic year 2014-2015 I was part-time lecturer at UCM. My research takes place in the ArTeCS group of UCM, but I am also part of the GreenLSI team at the Integrated Systems Lab (LSI) and the Center for Computational Simulation (CCS) of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I am also a post-doc researcher at the ESL group of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, with Prof. David Atienza, with whom I’ve been collaborating since Fall 2015.

Marina @Boston
Marina @Boston

I received my PhD degree on April 2015 from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. My thesis was on “Proactive and Reactive Thermal Aware Optimization Techniques to minimize the Environmental Impact of data centers”, was awarded Cum Laude.  My PhD Thesis was advised by Prof. José M. Moya and Prof. José L. Ayala, and was funded by a fellowship of the International Program for Attracting Talent (PICATA) of the Moncloa Campus of International Excellence.

On summer 2012 I did a 15-week research stay at the Performance and Energy-Aware Computing Lab. at Boston University under the supervision of Prof. Ayse K. Coskun. On fall 2014 I visited Prof. Coskun again for a 3-month period with a HiPEAC collaboration grant. Since 2012, we have published several papers together and our collaborating keeps on going.

I got a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering and a Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering, both by ETSETB at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya on 2010.


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PhD Thesis

Here you can find a link to download my PhD Thesis