Pedro Malagón

Teaching Assistant
+34 91 549 5700, ext 4220
Room B-113
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Pedro Malagon obtained the Ms degree in 2006 in Telecommunication Engineering at UPM. He has participated in more than 15 research projects during the last 10 years. In 2009 he visited BWRC, at University of California at Berkeley, with prof. Jan Rabaey, working in the Connectivity Brokerage project. Since 2010, he is Teaching Assistant in the Electronic Engineering Department at UPM. He teaches digital design using FPGA (VHDL) and MCU (C language). He will soon defend his Ph.D. Thesis, entitled “SECURING IMPLEMENTATIONS OF FEEDBACK-SHIFT-REGISTER-BASED CIPHERS USING COMPILER OPTIMIZATIONS AND CO-PROCESSORS”, under the supervision of Jose M. Moya. He uses LLVM compiler and vector co-processors to protect software implementations of FSR against Side-Channel Analysis.

His main research interests have been the development and protection of embedded systems and wireless sensor networks. He is focusing now on compiler analysis of applications for datacenter thermal and energy optimisation.