Presentation at IEEE CLOUD 2015

Last June, Ignacio Aransay traveled to New York (USA) to present our latest work on energy efficiency in Cloud computing and Trust-and-Reputation Systems in the international conference IEEE CLOUD 2015.

The increasing success of Cloud Computing applications and online services has contributed to the unsustainability of data center facilities in terms of energy consumption.  Higher resource demand has increased the electricity required by computation and cooling resources, leading to power shortages and outages, especially in urban infrastructures. Current energy reduction strategies for Cloud facilities usually disregard the data center topology, the contribution of cooling consumption and the scalability of optimization strategies.

Our work “A Trust and Reputation system for energy optimization in Cloud Data Centers” tackles the energy challenge by proposing a temperature-aware VM allocation policy based on a Trust-and-Reputation System (TRS). A TRS meets the requirements for inherently distributed environments such as data centers, and allows the implementation of autonomous and scalable VM allocation techniques.  For this purpose, we model the relationships between the different computational entities, synthesizing this information in one single metric.  This metric, called reputation, would be used to optimize the allocation of VMs in order to reduce energy consumption.  We validate our approach with a state-of-the-art Cloud simulator using real Cloud traces. Our results show considerable reduction in energy consumption, reaching up to 46.16\% savings in computing power and 17.38% savings in cooling, without QoS degradation while keeping servers below thermal redlining. Moreover, our results show the limitations of the PUE ratio as a metric for energy efficiency. To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first approach in combining Trust-and-Reputation systems with Cloud Computing VM allocation.

The IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD) has been a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of cloud computing, identify emerging research topics, and define the future of cloud computing. All topics regarding cloud computing align with the theme of CLOUD. In 2015, we will celebrate our 8th version of gathering, to strive to advance the largest international professional forum on cloud computing.

The 8th edition was held in New York (USA) on June 27-July 2 2015 and has been a good opportunity to present, interact and learn about the latest research in the field.