Presentation at CEDI 2013

From 17th to 20th September 2013, Patricia Arroba attended as speaker to CEDI 2013 in Madrid, Spain.CEDITexto

The spanish conference on computers (CEDI) is intended to provide a framework for meeting professionals in research, development, innovation and higher education within the scope of computer engineering. The CEDI is structured as a multi-conference, consisting of a set of congresses, conferences or meetings that are being developed regularly. Almost all areas concerning computers are covered, focusing on the most innovative aspects, and more future projection, always from a true university and scientific perspective .


Patricia has presented our first results on server leakage power modeling for improving energy savings. Leakage power consumption is a component of the total power consumption in data centers that is not traditionally considered in the setpoint temperature of the room. However, the effect of this power component, increased with temperature, can determine the savings associated with the careful management of the cooling system, as well as the reliability of the system.

In particular, our work shows that, by a careful detection and management of the leakage working regions (from lower to higher impact of thermal dependent leakage), energy consumption of the data center can be optimized by a reduction of the cooling budget.

For further information, please, refer to the following slides.