BSc Thesis presentation. Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing in the SmartGrid

Our Bachelor student Ignacio Penas has just presented his BSc Thesis titled  Analysis and Modeling of Energy Pricing and Resource Demand in the SmartGrid. The presentation took place in the School of Telecommunications Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (UPM). This work aims to analyze the impact of new hourly pricing techniques on data center […]

Iberdrola research grants awarded to Marina Zapater

Our colleague, Dr. Marina Zapater has been awarded a research grant by Fundación Iberdrola to lead a project on the optimization of renewable energies by using demand modelling techniques in SmartGrid. The project will be undertaken with Prof. José Luis Ayala, and Prof. José L. Risco, at Universidad Complutense de […]

Research stay at WSU by Josué Pagán

Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Body Sensor Networks Josué Pagán. Complutense University of Madrid & Technical University of Madrid Host Institution: Embedded Systems and Pervasive Lab (EPSL) – Washington State University (WSU) For the next three months, Josué Pagán is going to be a visiting researcher in the EPSL lab at WSU, under […]

Organization of the EnBIS workshop in Slovenia

Our colleague, Dr. Marina Zapater, has co-organized this year the first edition of the International Workshop on Energy-Awareness and Big Data Management in Information Systems (EnBIS’2016) that was co-allocated with the CAiSE CoreA conference. The workshop took place on June 15th in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and gathered together researchers from various […]

GreenLSI helps MásMóvil to save energy

The researchers in GreenLSI, led by José M. Moya, are modelling the energy consumption and temperature evolution of multiple servers from MásMóvil when executing typical cloud applications. As each server behaves differently, and modeling its behavior requires multiple intrusive experiments, the availability of a large amount of servers is a great […]

Presentation at DATE 2016

Recently, our colleague Juan Carlos Salinas Hilburg presented our latest research on power modeling for energy efficiency in Data Centers in the international conference Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE). Juan Carlos presented the work titled “Unsupervised Power Modeling of Co-Allocated Workloads for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers”, where […]

Achieved a Doctoral Scholarship from the European Commission

We are very pleased to announce that our colleague Patricia Arroba has been accepted to participate in the EM EASED (Erasmus Mundus – Euro Asia Sustainable Energy Development) Programme supported by the European Commission. This scholarship allows Patricia to finish her Doctorate at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, supervised by Prof. […]

PhD Forum DATE 2016

Recently, our colleague Patricia Arroba presented our latest research on energy efficiency in Cloud computing in the PhD Forum held at the international conference DATE’2016 in Dresden, Germany. Computational demand in data centers is increasing due to growing popularity of Cloud applications. Nowadays, the data center industry consumes about 2% […]

Assistance to Nano-Tera Annual Meeting

Recently, our colleague Dr. Marina Zapater attended the Nano-Tera Annual Meeting held at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is part of the on-going collaboration between our university and the ESL lab in EPFL. The Nano-Tera initiative aims to bring Switzerland to the forefront of a new technological revolution: […]

Research stay at EPFL by Marina Zapater

Energy System Optimization for Confederated Networks of Green data centers Marina Zapater. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Host Institution: Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) For the past months, Marina Zapater has visited the ESL laboratory at EPFL, under the supervision of Prof. David Atienza. The research to […]