Research stay at EPFL by Marina Zapater

Energy System Optimization for Confederated Networks of Green data centers Marina Zapater. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Host Institution: Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) For the past months, Marina Zapater has visited the ESL laboratory at EPFL, under the supervision of Prof. David Atienza. The research to […]

Presentation at IGSC 2015

Last December, our colleague Dr. Marina Zapater traveled to Las Vegas, USA, to present her last paper “Dynamic workload and cooling management in High-Efficiency data centers” in the International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC) 2015. The work presented is part of our on-going collaboration with the PeacLab group at Boston […]

Energy efficiency in data centers

Energy efficiency in Data Centers (DCs) is nowadays a major challenge because of its economic and environmental impact. The numbers regarding DC power consumption are outstanding: They are responsible for about 1.3% of worldwide energy production In USA alone, they consume more than 80 mill MWh/year, which means the consumption of 1,5 […]

Presentation at WESS 2015

Last October, our colleague PhD Pedro Malagón traveled to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to present our latest work on security in the international Workshop on Embedded Systems Security (WESS 2015). Bitslice is a non-conventional way to implement algorithms using a scalar processor as a SIMD. It involves breaking down the algorithm […]


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Report: Microsoft Plans to Acquire Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Adallom for $320M

This article originally appeared at The WHIR Microsoft plans to acquire Israeli cybersecurity company Adallom for $320 million, according to a report in the Calcalist financial newspaper on Monday. Adallom is a security platform for SaaS applications that can be deployed across devices. Founded in 2012, Adallom has 80 employees […]

Presentation at IEEE CLOUD 2015

Last June, Ignacio Aransay traveled to New York (USA) to present our latest work on energy efficiency in Cloud computing and Trust-and-Reputation Systems in the international conference IEEE CLOUD 2015. The increasing success of Cloud Computing applications and online services has contributed to the unsustainability of data center facilities in […]

Expert Reveals the Latest Variable Capacity Technology

Cooling data centers and other mission-critical environments is an ever-changing challenge. Doing so in an energy efficient manner is an even bigger challenge. Today the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units in use at most facilities rely on mechanically-modulating fixed speed or fixed capacity components. Although these units provide adequate […]

New Technologies And Strategies To Enhance Data Center Efficiency

As the most progressive data center in the Rocky Mountain region, and a leader in our industry, Fortrust saw an opportunity to provide an outstanding example of how a data center should operate and contribute to a sustainable environment. Together as an organization, it created the “Fortrust Sustainability (Green) Initiative” […]

Differentiating Critical Capabilities for DCIM Tools

It’s really a different kind of data center world out there. Cloud providers, service providers, and modern organizations are all looking to the data center to deliver continuous, reliable services. As the data center market continues to grow, one of the most critical aspects to consider will be management. It’s […]