Presentation at IGSC 2015

Last December, our colleague Dr. Marina Zapater traveled to Las Vegas, USA, to present her last paper “Dynamic workload and cooling management in High-Efficiency data centers” in the International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC) 2015. The work presented is part of our on-going collaboration with the PeacLab group at Boston […]

DuPont Fabros Launches Second Chicago Data Center

DuPont Fabros Technology this week announced it has opened a new 336,000-square-foot data center facility in the Chicago area that at full build-out will have critical load capacity totaling 25.6 MW, according to the company. Built across the street from an existing data center facility the wholesale data center provider […]

Presentation at IEEE CLOUD 2015

Last June, Ignacio Aransay traveled to New York (USA) to present our latest work on energy efficiency in Cloud computing and Trust-and-Reputation Systems in the international conference IEEE CLOUD 2015. The increasing success of Cloud Computing applications and online services has contributed to the unsustainability of data center facilities in […]

Amazon replies to Greenpeace – saving energy is greenest by Peter Judge

Greenpeace criticized Amazon’s renewable energy strategy again last month. Since then, Amazon has signed a large solar energy contract – but more importantly, made a public response to the argument. The latest “Clicking Clean” report from Greenpeace (in May) gave Amazon an F for energy transparency and a D for […]

DCIM Benefits Versus Costs, Direct, Indirect, and Hidden

This is Part 3 of our five-part series on the countless number of decisions an organization needs to make as it embarks on the DCIM purchase, implementation, and operation journey. The series is produced for the Data Center Knowledge DCIM InfoCenter. In Part 1 we gave an overview of the […]

Google attacks performance, PUE with homebrew & machine learning by Doug Mohney

Kudos to The Platform for its recent peaks into the inner workings of Google’s data center operations.  Covering high-end computing and in league with The Register, The Platform managed to get an audience with Google data management at the end of April.  There’s a bunch of goodness worth thinking about […]

DCIM: What to Consider Before You Buy

This is the second part of our five-part series on the countless number of decisions an organization needs to make as it embarks on the DCIM purchase, implementation, and operation journey. Read Part 1 here. In part one of this series we examined the vendor promises for DCIM. If your […]

Next-Generation Cloud and the Power of the Data Center

With so many new types of cloud services emerging, people are getting their share of the cloud from all sorts of vendors. New types of content delivery architecture, cloud models, and even the emergence of IoT/IoE are all re-shaping how data center resources are being used. In working with the […]

Data center efficiency means co-operation within your company by Peter Judge

Last week saw the launch of another award for green data centers. But do we need another one, and what are these awards achieving? The Efficient IT stamp of approval from the Uptime Institute joins Uptime’s well-established Tier system for reliability, and the Brill Awards for efficiency. It has two […]

Premios actua_COM. Prueba de concepto en el Centro de Datos de Produban

Green LSI (con Jose M. Moya a la cabeza) consigue un premio accésit y una prueba de concepto en los Centros de Datos de Produban en España (Banco Santander) conseguidos en los premios de #actua_COM. El 5 de junio tuvo lugar la entrega de premios de la primera edición de la […]