Talk: New Frontiers in Cloud Computing for Big Data and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya Director, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab, The University of Melbourne, Australia CEO, Manjrasoft Pvt Ltd, Melbourne, Australia Abstract Computing is being transformed to a model consisting of services that are commoditised and delivered in a manner similar to utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and […]

Achieved a Doctoral Scholarship from the European Commission

We are very pleased to announce that our colleague Patricia Arroba has been accepted to participate in the EM EASED (Erasmus Mundus – Euro Asia Sustainable Energy Development) Programme supported by the European Commission. This scholarship allows Patricia to finish her Doctorate at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, supervised by Prof. […]

PhD Forum DATE 2016

Recently, our colleague Patricia Arroba presented our latest research on energy efficiency in Cloud computing in the PhD Forum held at the international conference DATE’2016 in Dresden, Germany. Computational demand in data centers is increasing due to growing popularity of Cloud applications. Nowadays, the data center industry consumes about 2% […]

Presentation at PACT 2015

Recently, our colleague Patricia Arroba presented our latest research on energy efficiency in Cloud computing in the international conference PACT’15 that was held in San Francisco (CA). Nowadays, data centers consume about 2% of the worldwide energy production, originating more than 43 million tons of CO2 per year. Cloud providers […]

Survey: Hybrid Clouds Hotter Than Ever

A recent ZDNet survey, covered by our sister publication Data Center Management magazine, showed that 70 percent of respondents were using or evaluating a hybrid cloud solution. Hybrid cloud solutions combine on-premise IT infrastructure or private cloud with components accessed in a public cloud. It’s no surprise that almost every […]

Kickstarter Project Aims to Make Desktop-Sized Docker Container

This article originally appeared at The WHIR As a software for containerized applications, Docker is often compared to a shipping container allowing an application to be packaged and shipped. A new Kickstarter campaign is taking the analogy further by creating a physical, model-train-scale container containing a Docker server. The DC2 […]

Presentation at IEEE CLOUD 2015

Last June, Ignacio Aransay traveled to New York (USA) to present our latest work on energy efficiency in Cloud computing and Trust-and-Reputation Systems in the international conference IEEE CLOUD 2015. The increasing success of Cloud Computing applications and online services has contributed to the unsustainability of data center facilities in […]

Cloud Sizing and Deployment: a Look at Best Practices

Cloud environments will vary greatly based on corporate demand and existing IT resources. The goal of any organization is to use IT at its most effective level. For an IT manager, this means planning is going to be crucial. Cloud sizing doesn’t have one correct answer, since every environment is […]

The Internet of Satellites by Doug Mohney

Despite the failure of the SpaceX Falcon9 launch on Sunday, the skies above us are slated to be filled with large constellations of small satellites over the next five years.  It’s going to be data center heaven if even half the announced networks end up in orbit, bringing back weather […]

Uber Buys Microsoft Data Center, Map Imaging Operation

Uber, the popular ride-sharing software company, has bought a Microsoft data center and other assets that support mapping image collection operations for Bing. San Francisco-based Uber isn’t saying much about its plans for the assets, and Microsoft explained the move simply by saying it was one of “many actions” it […]