PhD Forum DATE 2016

Recently, our colleague Patricia Arroba presented our latest research on energy efficiency in Cloud computing in the PhD Forum held at the international conference DATE’2016 in Dresden, Germany. Computational demand in data centers is increasing due to growing popularity of Cloud applications. Nowadays, the data center industry consumes about 2% […]

GreenLSI Demo Setups Three real scenarios to test our policies               Heterogeneous rack @ETSIT B039 A complete 42U rack with different servers in a fully monitored environment. Workload and cooling systems can be configured automatically  to model complex demonstration scenarios.   Observable State-of-the-art sensors […]

Presentation at IEEE CLOUD 2015

Last June, Ignacio Aransay traveled to New York (USA) to present our latest work on energy efficiency in Cloud computing and Trust-and-Reputation Systems in the international conference IEEE CLOUD 2015. The increasing success of Cloud Computing applications and online services has contributed to the unsustainability of data center facilities in […]

Markley Building Out 50MW Boston Metro Data Center

Markley Group has acquired a 350,000-square-foot building in Lowell, Massachusetts, it plans to convert into a 50-megawatt data center. Phase one is expected to be available in October. The new data center is massive, albeit dwarfed by its counterpart a 30-minute drive away in Boston. Markley owns and operates a […]

HiPEAC Research Stay by Patricia Arroba

Energy-Aware Automatic Optimization of Resource Allocation in CloudSim Patricia Arroba. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Host Institution: The Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory at The University of Melbourne Computational demand on data centers is increasing due to growing popularity of Cloud applications. Nowadays, this industry consumes about 2% of the […]

HiPEAC Research Stay by Marina Zapater

Workload and cooling aware optimization techniques to reduce the energy consumption in Data Centers Marina Zapater. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid & Universidad Complutense de Madrid Host Institution: Performance and Energy-Aware Computing Laboratory (PeacLab) at Boston University Energy efficiency in Data Centers has been and continues to be an important research challenge. Data […]

Seminar on Energy-Efficient Data Centers at ETSIT-UPM

José M. Moya attends as invited speaker to the “Advances in Electronic Systems Engineering” seminar, within the M.Sc. in Electronic Systems Engineering (MISE), to present the session on Energy Optimization in Data Centers. Speech title: Energy efficiency beyond PUE: exploiting knowledge about application and resources Abstract: The current techniques for data […]

Invited speaker at GoingGreen workshop 2013

Marina Zapater attends as invited speaker to GoingGreen 2013 Workshop to present the session on “Energy Optimization in Data Centers” GoingGreen is an international conference organized by EESTEC local commitee in Madrid. Its goal is to gather different perspectives of students all around Europe. Participants from all Europe gather at this 1-week workshop […]

Novática 2011 Best Paper Award

The Novática Award to the best article published in 2011 by Novática, journal of the IFIP Spanish society ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática), has been presented to its authors in Madrid, within the frame of the Simo Network Fair, the most important IT event in Spain. This was the […]

Invited speaker at Datacenter Dynamics Converged Madrid 2012

Jose M. Moya attends as invited speaker to Datacenter Dynamics Converged Madrid 2012 (invited by ABB). Current techniques for data center energy optimization, based on efficiency metrics like PUE, pPUE, ERE, DCcE, etc., Do not take into account the static and dynamic characteristics of the applications and resources (computing and cooling resources). […]